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How long will the questionnaire take to complete?

The questionnaire takes approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete depending on how long you take to think about the answers to the questions. It is in a multiple choice format. No written answers are necessary for completion.

What if I want to change some of my questionnaire answers after I have already submitted my answers?

All you have to do is log back into your account. Your questionnaire with the answers you already marked will appear. Just change your answers and hit submit at the end of the survey and your new skin type (if it has changed) will appear. To change your survey, click here:

What do we do with your information?

The answers to your skin type questionnaire and other surveys that you may volunteer to complete will be collected and potentially used for various research projects to determine which skin conditions are common in different geographical locations and how these skin conditions vary by gender and ethnicity. In some cases, your questionnaire answers may be used in scientific research to decode the genes that play a role in skin appearance. If this occurs, you will be asked to give consent to participate. If your questionnaire answers are given to a third party, the data will be stored in an unidentified manner so that your name and email will not be associated with your skin type data. Your personal identifying information such as your name and email will NOT be sold to third parties. Please see our privacy policy.

Why are we offering this for free - what is the catch?

There is no catch! This site was developed as a data collection tool. However, if you click on a product to purchase and it links to, we get paid a fee based on product sales. The income helps to offset the costs of our website development and maintenance. We only allow advertising of products that have met our scientific requirements. in some cases we receive a minimal affiliate fee that is used to pay for the costs of the website.Brands cannot pay to be featured or discussed on this site. If they have paid for advertising, it will be clearly marked as such.

What exactly is the Forum?

Our Forum, which can be found by clicking on "Forum" on our main navigation bar, is a way for you to communicate with your peers who have the same skin type. We encourage you to visit the forum to hear honest opinions from your peers. The best part is that you will know their Skin Type, so you can take that into account as you read their opinions and learn about their experiences with products and procedures. We do not edit the forums and we ban anyone who blatantly tries to promote their products in the forums. The culture that has been established here since we launched in 2005 is one of honesty and straightforward discussion.

How do I learn more about Skin Type Solutions methodology?

We will begin shooting a PBS special about our Skin Typing System this summer. The program will feature Dr. Leslie Baumann. We expect the program to air in December 2010. Please stay tuned for details.

How do I get started?

Knowing and understanding your skin type is the first step. If you haven't already, take our questionnaire to find out your skin type. From there, you will receive our Skin Tip of the Week emails with information that is personalized for your specific skin type. We know that our system will save you time and money - and you will have the best skin of your life.