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  • Botanical Deodorants

    Early Egyptians were the first to use “deodorants” as they would use perfumed oil to guise their odor. Today we have so many different deodorants to choose from it can be overwhelming. A deodora...
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  • Coffeeberry: A Miracle Antioxidant?

    You may have already heard or read about coffeeberry... and if not, you will soon! It's the latest antioxidant to take the beauty business by storm. At its February 2007 meeting, the American Academy...
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  • Magical Mushrooms

    It seems like every other week I hear something new and amazing about the medicinal and cosmetic powers of mushrooms. The latest is a study out of Tufts University in Massachusetts. Researchers found...
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  • Ginkgo: Another Antioxidant That You Can Drink

    On a recent trip to Korea, I was amazed at the seemingly countless varieties of ginkgo I came across! What I primarily think of as a natural memory booster, and an increasingly popular skin care ingr...
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  • Cosmeceutical Critique: Green Tea

    Volume 32, Issue 2, Page 17 (February 2001)Green tea is a popular beverage that is consumed worldwide.It is also a popular ingredient found in beauty products, including moisturizers, cleansers, show...
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