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which of the 16 Baumann Skin Types are you

If you need advice on how to know your skin type at home because you can’t go to your dermatologist, this blog will discuss how to find your skin type using an online skin type quiz.

Don’t use just any online skin type quiz. It is important that the skin type test is science-based and accurate, especially since it is online and not done in a doctor’s office.

This guide will help you find the best skin type quiz!

How Do You Know Which Skin Type Quiz is Best?

Make sure that your skin type diagnosis is accurate before you trust any online skincare routine builder websites that give skincare product recommendations based on your skin type.  If the skin type is incorrect, then the custom skincare routine that is recommended based on your skin type will be incorrect.

Which Skin Type Calculator Do Dermatologists Use?

The skin type calculator that is described in dermatology textbooks 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7 is the Baumann Skin Type Indicator that uses a digital skin type calculator to diagnose the skin as one of 16 Baumann Skin Types®. You can find the Baumann Skin Type Quiz here. This quiz is also called the 16 Skin Types Quiz and is used by over 100 dermatologists and 200+ doctors to calculate the skin type using a scientifically validated quiz.

How to Find Skin Type Online?

The best way to find out your skin type is to visit your dermatologist or one of our specially trained STS doctors near you.  If you cannot visit their office, you have two options: 

  1. Book a telemedicine consult to find out your skin type and get a custom skincare regimen composed of evidence-based skincare
  2. Take our scientific skin type quiz that is used by dermatologists.  This validated skin type quiz accurately determines your skin type and is used to recommend medical-grade skincare products

What is My Skin Type Number?

The best way to know which of the 16 Skin Types you have is to take the skin type quiz online or at your doctor’s office.  Please do not guess.  Many studies show that people incorrectly guess their skin type.  Our online skin type quiz takes 3-5 minutes and will help you accurately identify your skin type number.

When it comes to treating your skin, you do not want to use the wrong products. 

Make sure that the online skin type quiz that you choose is the one used by doctors.

Our goal at Skin type Solutions is to empower you to make the best skincare choices through proper diagnosis, a customized skincare regimen, correct skincare routine order steps, and education about why the skincare routine you are prescribed is important. 

We want to cheer you on and make sure you use the correct skincare routine every day.  It all starts by taking the free skin type quiz.9


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